We could host your groups or even individuals!



Cancellations:  If a scheduling conflict should occur, for a participant or group who is joining an already scheduled course, for CPR in Columbia or Snellville,  participant(s) will be given a credit that is valid for  30 days. Should the participants reschedule two times and not show up for the 3rd scheduled course, the participant will forfeit the payment for the course at that time. 

If the participant does not show up for a private class, they will be charged an $15.00 rescheduling fee and can use their credit within 7 days of the originally scheduled course. Should they not show up for the 2nd rescheduled course, their options are: 1. to join an already scheduled class (which puts them at their 3rd reschedule) or 2. Pay the entire special circumstance fee (which puts them at their 3rd reschedule) as their original special circumstance fee will be forfeited.  Additional rules apply for group courses when the instructor travels to provide services. 

This also applies to all courses .  No  refunds or cancellations. No exceptions.   

Children: Children or anyone who is not taking the class will not be allowed to sit in while the course is taking place. If you should arrive with your children, you will need to reschedule for another date.   The CPR-ASAP Center

Photographs: By Participating in our classes, you are giving consent to photography and videotaping. This information will be used for advertisement and marketing for the CPR ASAP Center. 

No group is too big or too small!

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